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Five Key Reasons to Choose Us for All Your Mortgage Needs:


With access to multiple products through dozens of lenders, including banks, trust companies and credit unions, as well as alternative and private funders, we have the mortgage to meet your ever-changing needs.


We’re able to get more mortgages funded. Whether you’re self-employed, experiencing credit issues, new to Canada or looking to invest in real estate, we can help. We’ve partnered with a variety of lenders that offer specialty products addressing all these scenarios and more.


We negotiate on behalf of borrowers daily, so we know how to find the mortgage product and rate that best fits your unique needs. Whether you’re purchasing your very first property, or your fifth property, refinancing or renewing an existing mortgage, it’s important to have us in your corner right from the start.


Mortgage requirements, qualification rules, interest rates and products change quickly, so it’s always helpful to have a professional on your side who stays up-to-date and can best advise you on offerings that match your specific needs at any given time.


We’re here for you throughout your time as a mortgage holder. Whenever your lifestyle changes – and it will – we can help adapt your mortgage to your needs and keep you on track to becoming mortgage free as quickly as possible.

David Docksteader

President,  Mortgage Broker | MBI

We will get you the best interest rate and most flexible mortgage product available across the market tailored for your unique circumstances.

You are our client – not the banks and lenders. We negotiate with them for you!

Our focus is to ensure you get the best result, now and in the long term. We’ve been doing that for over 15 years and my team follows a tested and proven approach. Click Learn More to see the 5 key reasons our clients always return to us when their mortgage matures.

Our Beginnings

finex \ ‘fī – nĕx \ adjective

My background in integrated financial planning with strategic efficiencies for incorporated executives and small business owners that began in 2001, hence my company name FI-NEX

My background in integrated financial planning including insurance licensing and 20 years of previous experience in retail and corporate finance motivated me to provide needed solutions for incorporated professionals and small business owners requiring affordable lending in 2001.

Through strategic alliances, including becoming licensed in both mortgage brokering and real estate in 2006, I established a boutique mortgage brokerage, eventually aligning with a national network of brokerages in 2010. I’ve maintained a successful referral-based mortgage brokerage office in Kelowna supported by a wonderful group of young innovative mortgage brokers serving all of British Columbia.

I’ve also proudly expanded my business into Ontario thanks to long-standing relationships built with friends in the mortgage industry and clients who have family members and associates in the province. They can now be even better served through my team’s presence in Ontario.

My team is passionate about providing mortgage solutions and results that expand beyond your expectations. We cater our business to meet the needs of a broad range of borrowers – from first-time homebuyers and entrepreneurs/proprietors to incorporated professionals and sophisticated real estate investors.

Our Affiliations

Affiliated with Paragon Mortgage in Western Canada and MortgagePal (FSCO License #: 12685) in the East. Part OF VERICO Mortgage Broker Network, Member of IMBA, MBABC, and MPC.

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What Our Clients Say

Life Stages


First-Time Homebuyer

You’ve worked hard to reach the milestone of building equity in your own home. Congratulations! We’re here to help guide you through each step – from mortgage preapproval to your closing date and beyond.
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Unexpected Events

We’re here to help you through even the toughest experiences life throws your way as well as planning in anticipation of future surprises. We have multiple options available to help take care of anything life may have in store.
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Buying Your Next Home

No matter how many properties you buy, moving to your next home is always exciting. We’re here to help ensure the buying and selling processes run as smoothly as possible by anticipating everything that could happen along the way.
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Taking Care of Dependants

Being responsible for dependents who live with you – whether that includes children, parents or possibly both – can prove to be a challenging dynamic. But even looking out for a family member in a retirement home or other special needs facility can also be time consuming.
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Are you planning to buy a home that requires some upgrades? Perhaps you’re looking to make some changes to your current home? Depending on your needs, we have a mortgage solution available to help free up funds to finance your home improvement projects.
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New Baby

Parenthood is a lifechanging event you won’t soon forget. With every lifestyle change comes the opportunity to plan for your new reality. We’re here to review your plan with every change and free up cashflow whenever possible to help finance every need for your growing family.
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Navigating a separation and then a divorce is an emotionally draining experience – regardless of who initiated the process. Whether you choose to sell your matrimonial home and split the proceeds or you decide to buy out your former spouse, we have a solution available to meet your needs.
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Job Loss

Losing your job is one of the greatest hardships you can face. Bills don’t stop coming in simply because your greatest income source has been cut off. We’re here to review your mortgage, assess your equity and cashflow as well as help you set a new budget while you determine your next career move.
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Ready to Retire

Retirement is a gamechanger. You’ve worked hard for years in order to become retirement ready, so it’s important to ensure you don’t struggle once you’re no longer working. We have access to numerous specialty products that can be used to help stretch your finances further in retirement.
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Our Services



We’ll help you obtain a mortgage preapproval before you begin house hunting so you know how much you can comfortably afford. This is a conditional commitment from your lender based on your finances and creditworthiness.
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Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading or downsizing, careful planning is required to ensure a smooth transaction. We’ll guide you through each step – from getting you preapproved for a mortgage to reaching your closing date and beyond.
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Purchase Plus Improvements

Finding a property that meets both your functional needs and budget can be challenging. A Purchase Plus Improvements mortgage lets you to buy a home and renovate, while rolling the expenses into a single mortgage payment.
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Mortgage Refinance

A mortgage refinance is a cost-effective way to use home equity to pay off debt, renovate, buy an investment property, send your kids to school or free up cashflow. Whatever your needs, we’re here to help make them happen.
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Mortgage Renewal, Transfer & Switch

We’ll help you decide whether to renew your mortgage with your existing lender or transfer/switch to a new lender at the end of your term. Our job is to always find the best solution to meet your unique needs.
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Vacation Homes & Cottages

Whether you’re looking to buy a waterfront retreat or a country getaway, a seasonal or year-round property, we can walk you through each step to securing financing for your second home.
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Investment Properties Mortgage

Investment Properties

Real estate is a profitable long-term investment. We’ll help guide you through the investment process – whether you wish to buy just one or multiple properties – detailing everything you need to know to buy the right property.
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New Construction

Building the home of your dreams from the ground up is exciting. We’ll help you anticipate everything you need to know about the new construction process to ensure your experience is as seamless as possible.
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New To Canada

Whether you’re planning to move to Canada or you’ve already arrived, buying a home helps establish your permanent roots. We’ll ensure you have everything you need to qualify for a mortgage before you head out house hunting.
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Cash Back

You may need an extra boost to help you settle into your new place, especially if you’re a first-time homebuyer. We work with several lenders that offer cash back as a lump sum payment when your mortgage closes.
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Self Employed

Entrepreneurs make up a quickly growing segment within Canada’s employment force. Yet, in most cases, if you’re self employed and applying for a mortgage, you’re likely to face more obstacles than someone who earns a regular salary.
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Bruised Credit

Sometimes life happens and you suffer a credit blip along the way. We have great alternative and private lending resources available to help take care of your home financing needs until you’re able to rebuild your credit.
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