Most online mortgage calculators are too basic and don’t factor in proper measurements for the Canadian Mortgage market. It is important to remember a good Mortgage Calculator will not always give you a true picture of what it costs to own a home. 

Variables like strata fees, heating, natural gas, property taxes, CMHC Canada mortgage insurance, and Property Transfer Taxes can drastically change how much of a mortgage you qualify for and how much it cost’s to own your home. It should not be your only tool, but a reliable one will help you get prepared and informed to make the right product choice.

Download our app today to make sure you have accounted for each cost associated with your home buying journey! In the mean time, put a few basic numbers in the calculator below if you’d like to get an idea of what the costs of owning a home look like. 

Most importantly, reach out to our team directly or book a free consultation to help you through the process.